What is White Borneo Kratom?

White Borneo kratom is named after the white vein that runs down the center of this strain of kratom leaf. As one of the most popular strains of kratom, you’re likely to find this strain in your local shop or online store. It’s always recommended to know as much information as possible about everything you ingest, even if it’s something as safe and medicinal as kratom, so take note of this vital information.

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White Borneo has its own attributes that affect the experience that the user gets. Because kratom is often used as a pain reliever, it’s natural to assume that it always has a depressive effect like most other pain relief medicines; however, White Borneo is a perfect example of kratom strains that have a positive effect on the energy and mood of the person that takes it. Common results of a dose of this strain are similar to a cup of coffee, along with several other beneficial aspects. Along with a high similar to caffeine, the user may find themselves with a sense of well-being, euphoria, clarity of mind, and other feelings associated with a positive attitude. While this is good for someone looking for a daily boost, there has been some feedback that the pain management capabilities of this strain aren’t as strong as other ones. This either means that someone looking to work on their pain levels by using this strain should either prepare to take a higher dosage or look to other types of kratom.


A normal dose of this strain is about 4-6 grams as needed throughout the day. Those that struggle with intense stress or pain should take a higher dose, closer to 7-9 grams in order to get the desired benefits. There’s a bigger difference between the levels of dosage in White Borneo than in most other strains of kratom. Taking a smaller amount will give you a more reliable, energy-based result. The higher dosage may give you stronger pain relief, or it may simply boost the euphoria. Keep that in mind as you decide which situation is appropriate for each amount. Depending on a variety of metabolic favors within each individual, dosages will have varying effects from person to person. Closely observe how each amount of kratom affects you while paying close attention to what you eat before and after your dose. The kratom won’t absorb as effectively if taken on a full stomach, so make sure that you wait a while after eating to get the pure effects of the plant.