What is the Ideal Kratom Dosage?

It is a question we get asked A LOT.

Kratom or also Mitragyna Speciosa is a very common plant that comes from Southeast Asia and can be used by many people for its powerful effects. Some effects from kratom might be mood-enhancing, energy-boosting and also pain relief.

There are many different strains of Kratom and it is at times difficult to understand what strain you need to use.

So, you should know there are 3 Chief strains of Kratom:

Every color has a different effect on you emotionally. It is overall known that, by way of example, White Vein Kratom provides you a Nootropic-like effect and people have been utilizing it when functioning for stamina and focus increase.

Green Stamina is known for its powerful energy effects and Red because of its pain relief and sedative effects.

So, now we talked about different strains. Let’s get on with the best kratom dosage for every single strain.


To start with, you want to understand the very best dosage is quite personal.

Every individual can respond differently to some strain or dosage.

That is why it’s important for you to start SLOW for the first time using Kratom.


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My advice on first time Kratom users would be to start with 1-1,5 gram. This dose is very minimal but it can give you great results. If you don’t feel anything on this dose, then you can up the dosage with another 0,5-1 gram.

Researchers found out that a kratom dose of 20mg/kg was quite effective. That usually means a dose of 1.0-2.0g kratom for an average human.

60kg                  1200mg (1,2 Grams)
70kg                  1400mg (1,4 Grams)
80kg                 1600mg (1,6 Grams)
90kg                 1800mg (1,8 Grams)
100kg               2000mg (2 Grams)

Note: This is just for first-time customers. If you are a seasoned user it is possible to shoot more, but I’ll explain later on. If you aren’t convinced how to take kratom, check out my entire guide.

Some people also like to mix different breeds of kratom to get an even greater effect. Some people even swear by it.

Popular kratom dosages with Various strains are:

  • 1 gram of Red Vein mixed with 1 gram of White Vein
  • 1 gram of Red Vein mixed with 1 g of White Vein plus One g of Green Vein

It’s very important to find your individual kratom dosage which works best for YOU.

That’s why it’s essential to talk to seasoned Kratom Users to enjoy myself.

You will feel the effects of kratom within 15-20 minutes. The initial effects can vary from increased Energy to Concentration.

Whatch this video below for accurate Kratom Dosage Guidelines:



Knowledgeable users of Kratom already know the effects and understand exactly what strains they enjoy.

So, for experienced users it only 1 thing that they need to take into account:


When you use kratom every day the body will create a tolerance for it.

This usually means that Kratom is not as powerful as when you used it for the very first time. For instance, when you drink coffee every day, your body will become accustomed to it and also you won’t get exactly the exact same effect . That is why folks going to drink MORE coffee. It is the exact same for Kratom, your body will get used to it and will lose the consequences if you don’t rotate enough.

Yes, this stinks!


There’s something that we can do about it!

It is really very important to rotate between strains when you use it every day.

Is it that simple? Yes, it is.

For example, just use 1 strain per day:

Monday: Green
Tuesday: White
Wednesday: Red
Thursday: Green
Friday: White
Saturday: Red
Sunday: OFF

This is a really EASY to use Kratom Dosage guide for experienced users.

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Again, it’s really important to feel and adjust your dose on how you’re feeling. Personally, I like to rotate between Red Bali and Gold Bali.

Allow me to show you how I distribute my kratom. I do also take two days per week off.

Monday: Green Malay
Tuesday: White Borneo
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Red Bali
Friday: Normally Green or White Maeng Da
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Red Maeng Da

As you can see, I’ll take kratom 2 days in a row then have a day off. This really helps me a lot in regards to tolerance, I suggest everyone give it a try.


It can be very frustrating to locate your personal’best dosage’. But when you find your sweet spot you are definitely going to benefit from it.

It’s also very important to rotate breeds so you don’t build a tolerance to this.

First-time users will need to start low with the dosage and find the sweet spot. As soon as you find the perfect dose you can rotate and even blend breeds.

I am sure this guide to Kratom Dosages can help out you guys.

Always make sure that you purchase your kratom from a reputable source.

It is important to find decent quality Kratom. Some sources have been reported with selling low-quality kratom.